3 Radar Detectors that Really Work

When you want to purchase a radar detector, you want to get one that actually works. Most of these units are not very accurate, and they cannot detect many of the police radars. In order to make sure that you choose a very efficient device, you must take a look at the below 3 radar detectors that really work.

1. Escort Max360

This is, without a doubt, one of the most accurate radar detectors on the market at the moment. Its front and rear antennas will rapidly scan in all directions in order to find even the most innovative police radars so that you can slow down and avoid being ticketed. The unit comes with 5 level of filters which ensure the quietest ride. Escort Max360 features 3 driving modes, Cruise Alert, and a connectivity to Escort Live app via Bluetooth. Furthermore, the unit comes with a high-resolution graphic display that will show you the strength, type, and quantity of signals as well. Very easy to use and most of all, very efficient, Escort Max360 is a radar detector that worth the money.

2. Beltronics Pro500

This model is definitely one of the best 3 radar detectors that really work. Beltronics Pro500 features a GPS as well so that it can reduce most of the false alarms that are usually generated by roadside sources. When you shop for a radar detector, you must look for a device that can tell you with accuracy where police radars are installed, and speed cameras as well. This is actually the purpose of such a unit. You must know these details in order to avoid getting a fine or having your driving license suspended. Beltronics Pro500 is one of those products that can certainly do this.

3. Cobra SLR 650G

This radar detector has lots of great reviews, and it can provide you very accurate results. It comes with a touch-point HD color LCD screen, that will let you know what speed you have when you are alerted. A clever internal GPS will know how close you are to police radars or speed cameras. You will certainly be impressed by Cobra SLR 650G, and you will absolutely love it. Another great thing about this radar detector is that it features an user-friendly operation so that you don’t feel frustrated by not understanding how it works. All in all, Cobra SLR 650G works very well, and it will definitely save you from being fined.

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