Best Rated Riding Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers come in different sizes and with various features. If you do some research on, you will see that you can choose between push lawn mowers, riding lawn mowers, electric or gas powered mowers. A big lawn definitely requires a riding lawn mower. With such a machine, the maintenance will certainly be very easy and very comfortable for you as well. If you want to get a machine like this in the near future but you don’t know what model you should get, then the following best-rated riding lawn mowers will certainly help you make the right choice.

Bad Boy MZ Magnum

This device is considered one of the best lawn mowers in this category that will certainly deliver a high performance. The unit comes with a maximum maneuverability, and it is highly recommended for commercial and residential use as well. For precision cuts, you can easily adjust the blade height from 1 inches to 4 inches. Beyond its performance, Bad Boy MZ Magnum provides some convenience features. You will feel comfortable at all times due to the soft seat. A cup holder is also provided so that you can keep your drink close in order to avoid dehydration. You won’t need to refuel very often the device, due to the fact that it comes with a quite large capacity of 3 gallons. Furthermore, you will know what’s the gas level at all times due to the see-through section of the gas tank. Very easy to maneuver, extremely comfortable, and with a high performance, Bad Boy MZ Magnum is without a doubt a fantastic machine that will provide you the desired result.

Husqvarna PZ60

Husqvarna PZ60 stands out from the crowd due to its fast cutting performance. This machine is definitely one of the best-rated riding lawn mowers available in the shops nowadays. Its clever features provide reliability and operator safety. Moreover, the result will be amazing. The unit will cut a swath 60 inches wide for a great yard clearance. Another amazing thing about this product is that it can easily turn obstacles and corners. The transmission will actually shift automatically so that you do not need to focus on the shifting gears while you maneuver the device. The soft seat, vibration-isolated platform, and the armrests will certainly provide you a high comfort level, which is exactly what you need since you are going to spend some time riding the machine until you finish the whole job. For a maximum protection, the device uses super strong 7-gauge steel on the cutting deck. The manufacturer offers for Husqvarna PZ60 a 3-year limited warranty. An exceptional performance will be provided by this wonderful product.

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