What to Look for when Buying a Smart Door Lock

A great way to secure your home would be to install a smart door lock. If you want to put into practice this wonderful idea, but you are not sure how to choose a quality device of this type, then here is what to look for when buying a smart door lock.

Choose a device that will fit your existing deadbolt set up

You will find on the market smart door locks that can fit to your existing deadbolt set up, and other models that cannot. In order to save money and not buy a brand new deadbolt, then you must make sure you choose a device that will fit perfectly the old one. August Smart Lock is one of the units that can work with plenty of standard deadbolt brands. Furthermore, August Smart Lock is absolutely incredible and it will provide you a great safety, and comfort as well. Poly-Control’s Danalock is another unit that will fit very well to your existing deadbolt. In case you don’t mind changing your old deadbolt, then you could go for, Kwikset Kevo, which is actually a smart lock that comes with its own SmartKey deadbolt. Those devices that come equipped with their own deadbolts will obviously cost more, and they also take more time and effort to install. You certainly have plenty of choices, but it is highly recommended to not forget about this important detail when shopping for a unit like this.

Wireless, Bluetooth, or Z-Wave connection?

It is important to know what to look for when buying a smart door lock, in order to choose a model that is perfect for your home. Therefore, when shopping for a smart door lock, you must know that there are 3 WiFi communication standards, Wireless, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave. For example, August Smart Lock is a device who’s connection with your home WiFi network can be bridged by the August Connect which plugs into a power outlet. Once the connection is created, you will actually be able to control the unit from anywhere you want, as long as you are connected to the internet. On the other hand, Z-wave units actually require a different hub device, in order to control them with your smartphone. Units of this type are provided by brands such as Poly-Control, Schlage, and others. The hub will communicate with your home wireless network, which will transmit data on the internet, allowing you this way to control the unit from anywhere you have an internet connection. The last category is the Bluetooth devices, which are actually the most economical ones. A unit like this relies on less battery power than the other WiFi technologies. Moreover, you will not need a separate hub in order to control the lock from your smartphone. Keep in mind these details, as they will lead you the right device for your home.

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